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Clients Cooking

At Heritage we provide clients with wholesome and hearty meals based on Quebecois cuisine.  This means that our clients enjoy produce supplied by local farmers and merchants.  Wholesome meals satisfy the body component of holistic healing.  Often during the cycle of addiction people are not eating properly throughout the day, so when they come to Heritage, clients appreciate and enjoy the variety of food provided.

When clients arrive, we assess their dietary requirements.  If someone is diabetic, allergic to certain foods, or have dietary restrictions due to their religious beliefs, we accommodate their needs.

Clients also have fun preparing healthy meals for their peers – as a cooking activty or just to showoff their culinary skills. Their food is always delicious!



At Heritage we are pleased to offer clients with their own private room with bath.  We understand that the therapeutic process can be emotionally, physically and spiritually draining, so we provide a place where people can regenerate in privacy.
The rooms are spacious, clean and comfortable.  We also provide maid service to enable you to focus on more important things than cleaning.

This photo is an example of the room type that is offered to women.  To see a variety of room photos, visit our photo gallery.

Alternative Treatments

Alternative Treatments

Heritage provides clients with alternative treatments that not only helps restore peaceful energy, but enables clients to rid their body of harmful toxins.  The following is a list of alternative treatments offered by Heritage; for more information visit our alternative treatment page.

  • Facial & Scalp Massage
  • T’ai Chi
  • Reflexology
  • Shiatsu
  • Swedish Massage

Therapeutic Recreation

Therapeutic Recreation

Research indicates that one’s ability to enjoy life in healthy and fun ways increases quality of life and limits risk of relapse.  That is why Heritage includes therapeutic recreation into the holistic program on a regular basis.  Depending on the season, we offer a variety of recreational activities that include but are not limited to:

Sports: Biking, Kayaking, Riding, Skating, Skiing, Swimming
Outings: Apple Orchard, Bird Sanctuary, Bowling, Dairy Farm, Maple Sugar Shack, Tour of Montreal

Not all activity costs are covered by Heritage.  Clients have the option to participate in activities that they have to pay for.  For more information, visit our Treatment Approaches and photo gallery.



The physical component of the body aspect of holistic healing is provided through the on site use of our gym.  We have a trained health and fitness staff member who will guide clients back to cardiovascular and strength training health.

Equipment supplied: Treadmill, cycle, free weights, weight station.

For more information visit our clinical staff page and photo gallery.



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