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I have worked in the addictions field for 20 years, and I know that dealing with addiction problems is very overwhelming and oftentimes painful for everyone involved. It is important for people who are researching treatment options for their loved one, who suffers from an addiction problem, to obtain information about clinical services offered.

Not all programs are suitable for everyone. We offer our clients a non 12-step alternative to healing and recovery. Our holistic approach focuses on body, mind and spirit. This approach may not be well known to you or your loved-one, so I welcome you to review the website and give me a call – Toll-Free 1-866-330-9818. I will be pleased to provide you with support and information about Heritage Treatment Foundation's holistic program and services.

Simply fill out the form below and your loved-one will be referred anonymously to our website where they can get the information they need.

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