Healing in a Home Away from Home

Your healing from addiction journey starts in a serene and restful environment approximately 10 minutes from the US border, and 1 hour from historic Montreal. At Heritage Treatment Foundation, we believe that having personal space in a cozy establishment is crucial to a promising recovery. You are, thus, provided with your own room and personal bathroom, affording you privacy and tranquility in this difficult time

Heritage Treatment Foundation is your safe haven away from home. Set in Victorian-like style, the ambiance is warm and welcoming. The surrounding is spacious, green and beautiful. Here, you will find peace-of-mind, and time for yourself. Just take a look at some of our pictures, and see for yourself! To view all our pictures visit the photo gallery.

Our Clinical Approach to Healing

Our Goal is Yours

Here, at Heritage Treatment Foundation, we provide a personal, unique and successful approach to addiction recovery and emotional healing. We understand that not every form of therapy is suitable for everyone. That is, different approaches affect people in a variety of ways. From traditional to non-traditional treatment methods, we tailor our therapy to meet your individualized needs so that you can reclaim your life, and build an optimum future. Our goals are yours!

A Team Effort to Recovery From Addiction

We believe that your progress comes from working together.

No one makes it on their own – not even the Heritage team! In order to provide the best for you, we use a team-effort approach to rehabilitation and healing. This means that we work collectively to maximize the help we provide every individual that comes to Heritage Treatment Foundation.

We never give up on you! Even in times when you feel like giving up on yourself. We know that your journey is a process of ups-and-downs that are meant to help you grow. With our clinical knowledge and many years of experience, we will be your pillar of strength until you find the confidence to stand on your own. And you will. Once you allow yourself the opportunity to join us, and start your journey toward sober living.

Recovery from Drug or Alcohol Addiction is a Journey

“I have been to many treatment centres but I have never received the care like I have at Heritage Treatment Foundation. I really believe that my son and I will have a great future.” Jaime, age 31

We understand that you have been in pain for too long. You may feel alone in your world, and that no one understands. It doesn’t have to continue this way. You can decide right now that it’s going to stop, and that now is the time for you to rid yourself of the addiction that is destroying your life. Take back the control! The power is within you. We can help.

You will never rid yourself of your addiction by focusing on it. You must look at where it all began, how it was then maintained, and finally, figure how to end it once and for all. Recovery from alcohol or drug addiction is a journey of self-discovery – of letting go of the pain, and of creating new possibilities. It’s about reviving what you’ve lost, and attaining new goals. It is not an overnight accomplishment, but about becoming, and enjoying the process of getting to know and love yourself along the way.

Ahead is your future. We will help you design a life filled with peace, happiness, and abstinence.

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At Heritage Home, we use a holistic approach to addressing the underlined causes of addiction, addiction recovery, and post-treatment planning. Group therapy approaches recovery in a general manner; everyone examines the same issues and topics.