Our Intervention Services

Heritage Treatment Foundation interventionists can assist you in responding effectively to the harmful consequences of alcohol or drug abuse.

Ending substance abuse is very frightening for people who have an addiction problem. Asking them to begin the challenging process of developing new coping mechanisms, committing to making significant lifestyle changes, and repairing dysfunctional relationship patterns can be very overwhelming.

This is where Heritage Treatment Foundation’s trained interventionist can be of great assistance – we are able to intervene on your behalf for the benefit of all involved.


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Intervention Services for Family Members

If you have a loved one who suffers from an addiction problem but is in denial or is hesitant about participating in a residential treatment program, let Heritage Treatment Foundation’s intervention specialists assist you in dealing with their painful substance abuse issues.

Heritage Home’s interventionists are available to provide professional assistance by traveling to your home community and facilitating a compassionate, honest, and open dialoguing process between all parties.

This process is essential to creating change within the family unit. Change occurs in the form of inspiring all involved to participate in the recovery process.

For a person with an addiction problem, the recovery process often involves residential treatment. For others, the recovery process includes dealing with their own needs and unresolved issues. As a whole, everyone will benefit from exploring how the family unit can work together to continue the progress made during the treatment period.

Heritage Home provides a variety of services that extend beyond the intervention stage of recovery and are suitable for everyone who is interested in making sustained changes in their life.


How Intervention Works

Often family members, partners, and close friends are just too personally involved to be effective in making a loved one recognize that they need the immediate support of a trained professional. As strange as it may seem, it is often easier for people to accept guidance from someone who is less emotionally involved.

Heritage Treatment Foundation interventionists are able to facilitate the essential dialoguing process between everyone involved. Without effective communication, people cannot be heard and therefore, be truly understood. The intervention process ensures that everyone gets the opportunity to talk about his or her thoughts and feelings for the purpose of determining the best course of action.

Heritage Treatment Foundation interventionists are effective in motivating people with addiction problems to immediately seek out professional residential care so that they can begin to take control of their lives and make those rewarding, healthy, and beneficial lifestyle changes.



Your Role in The Intervention

Sadly, despite the benefits and necessity of receiving professional care for complex addiction problems, many are resistant to committing to the therapeutic process. People often only seek help after they experience profound pain and loss so intense that it is almost unimaginable.

As loved ones, watching the journey to rock bottom is unbearable and the desire to intervene is very strong. But how can you help your loved one before they hit their rock bottom – or possibly die?

The beginning step is to detach in a healthy manner. Seeking out the assistance of a compassionate and qualified professional is realistically within your control. You cannot, however, force someone to live as you would like them to live; and as such, you must accept that you have done all you can do.


Your Role in Their Recovery

Once the person with an alcohol or drug addiction has participated in the intervention process and has agreed to receive addiction treatment, at Heritage Treatment Foundation it is our responsibility to provide excellent, current, and individualized care.

This is not to suggest that family members no longer have a role to play. In fact, it is the exact opposite. The therapeutic process has just begun for everyone.

Studies show that the likelihood of recovery is significantly enhanced if people with an addiction problem have the full support of their loved ones. The benefit is that now you can detach in a healthy manner because we are here to provide the care necessary to help your loved one reach their therapeutic goals.


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