At Heritage Treatment Foundation we offer family therapy at a minimal cost. It is encouraged that clients and their loved ones participate in psychotherapy. During the cycle of addiction, unhealthy interpersonal dynamics develop and there are often unresolved issues that need to be explored in psychotherapy.

Family Visits

Family members are encouraged to visit their loved ones. Family outings are permissible during the final weeks of treatment. As you will discover, there will be issues to discuss and it is more enjoyable to engage in conversation when people are relaxed and enjoying each other’s company.

Please note that there are visiting guidelines. These guidelines are reviewed with clients when they arrive at Heritage Treatment Foundation. If you are interested in learning more about family visits, we recommend that you call our toll-free number: 1-866-330-9818.

Benefits of Family & Couple Therapy

Family therapy is essential to the healing process.  Many people underestimate the importance and value of engaging in family therapy.  Enhanced trust, conflict resolution, and the development of mutual understanding are only a few of the benefits people receive.  Clients and loved ones are able to choose what therapist(s) they want to work with.  At Heritage, we make this process accessible by offering different family & couple therapy packages and can provide on-sight lodging.

Family Therapy

Heritage provides family members and couples with different therapy packages at very reasonable rates:

  • Couple’s Counselling
  • Family Therapy
  • Individual Therapy for Loved Ones and Family Members
  • 1-Day Family/Couple Therapy
  • Weekend Family/Couple’s Therapy Package

For families and loved ones who cannot make it to the centre, we even offer conference call sessions.


We provide meals and lodging at very reasonable rates.

Our suite provides an upstairs bedroom with television and wireless internet services.  The downstairs has a futon (sofa/bed), a kitchenette, and a two-person Jacuzzi. For people who want to see the area or stay in another location, there are bed and breakfast accommodations in the surrounding area.

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