Intervention Services:
If you have a loved one who suffers from an addiction problem but is in denial or is hesitant about participating in a residential treatment program, Heritage Treatment Foundation provides an intervention service that will aid in this decision-making process. Heritage Treatment Foundation’s interventionist will come to your home to meet with family members, friends, and partners, to work out the best approach to your loved one, which will respectfully convince them that entering treatment is their best option.

Client Services:
Residents benefit from our holistic addiction treatment services that focus on developing the coping skills essential to being able to enjoy a productive and healthy quality of life free from alcohol or drug abuse.  It is our goal to have clients leave Heritage Treatment Foundation in a healthy state of body, mind, and spirit.

Family Services:
Family members and clients benefit from participating in psychotherapy sessions.  Improving relationships, resolving conflict, and obtaining closure are achieved during the psychotherapy sessions.  People are able to dialogue about their issues; thus, achieving mutual satisfaction.

Corporate Services:
Heritage Treatment Foundation has provided treatment services to many national and international corporations.  Services provided include confidential residential treatment and addiction response training.

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