Heritage Treatment Foundation’s Treatment Program

Heritage Treatment Foundation provides clients with a holistic (body, mind and spirit) approach to recovery.  This means that treatment approaches cover all aspects of the human condition.  Our approaches include, but are not limited to, psychological therapy, experimental learning, creative arts therapy, native spiritual healing, therapeutic recreation, physical exercise, and meditation. Most importantly, our clinical team, is highly varied in training, professional experience, and personality. This wide variety insures that clients are easily able to find amongst our staff experienced and trained professionals to relate to and work with.

There are two major types of therapeutic work: group and individual therapy. Group therapy sessions occur at least three times per-day and the group type is varied so that all learning styles needs are met.  In regard to individual therapy, each client is assigned a therapist when he or she arrives and it is that therapist’s responsibility to ensure that the clients’ needs are met. The assigned therapist, for example, will create an individualized treatment plan, write any necessary letters (e.g., lawyer, court, etc) and will provide the client with a final report that outlines his or her progress.  Clients are required to participate in individual therapy, and with the exception of their assigned counsellor, they are able to select other therapist(s) to work with. The assigned therapist will also work closely with his or her client in developing an achievable, realistic and sustainable post-treatment plan.

Post-treatment planning is an essential aspect of our program.  Evaluating one’s internal and external high-risk situations are important as healing and abstinence requires commitment and change.  In recovery, a person’s ability to change is enhanced with support from loved ones and the community.

In order to assist our clients and their loved ones to support each other during recovery, Heritage Treatment Foundation offers a variety of additional treatment options.  Family and couples’ counselling is highly recommended as relationships are a complex dynamic and each person has a role to play in its establishment and development.

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