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At Heritage Treatment Foundation, we treat body, mind and spirit as we work towards enhancing our clients’ recovery and personal development.  Holistic healing is based on the idea that body, mind and spirit functions as a harmonious unit and adverse effects on one also affect the others; requiring treatment of the whole to restore balance.

Heritage Treatment Foundation’s caring and professional clinical staff works with clients in recovering from the harmful affects of addiction.  Heritage Treatment Foundation clients come from diverse socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds, but they share many commonalities; their body, mind and spirit, have been damaged because of their addiction.  Moreover, most people suffering from addiction problems have secondary issues, such as, depression and anxiety, that lessening their quality of life.

At Heritage Treatment Foundation, we use a holistic approach to addressing the underlined causes of addiction, addiction recovery and post-treatment planning.  Group therapy approaches recovery in a general manner; everyone examines the same issues and topics.  Group therapy is essential to recovery, regardless of the type of addiction, as it lessens the feeling that one is alone in their addiction and sharing provides opportunity for feedback, catharsis, and personal and collective discovery.  Although people tend to have a shared addiction experience, there are significant differences in how their recovery is addressed and this is where individual therapy is greatly beneficial.

When clients arrive at Heritage Treatment Foundation, they are assigned to a counsellor who will complete their intake, develop an individualized treatment plan, work with them on their post-treatment planning and complete a final report.  Clients also benefit from receiving psychotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy as part of their individual counselling.

Regardless of the addiction type or secondary issues, holistic healing approaches are effective because it addresses body, mind and spirit in the following manner:


At Heritage Treatment Foundation we provide healthy meals, a gym on the premises, therapeutic recreation, physical activities, detoxification treatments like Swedish massage, Shiatsu, reflexology, and Ion Cleansing, and group therapy on the affects of addiction.


At Heritage Treatment Foundation we provide group and individual therapy to create a unique and specialized recovery program that uses approaches like creative art therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, psychodynamic therapy, and psycho-educational therapy to successfully address addiction issues.


At Heritage Treatment Foundation we provide spiritual guidance in a non 12-step manner; however, there are 12-step meetings in our community and if clients are interested they are able to attend.  Spirit at Heritage Treatment Foundation incorporates meditation, creative visualization, positive affirmations, dream work, yoga and native spiritual healing groups.  We view spirituality as a connectedness to the world, environment, to oneself, and to a higher awareness.

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