Karaoke Night

For some people reading this heading “Karaoke Night”, they might be thinking, ‘sober singing, no thanks.’ When I was told that Catherine’s sister was coming to bring sober singing to Heritage, my first thought on the subject was “I’d rather spend my time at the dentist.” Fortunately, I’m the resident photographer, so my time on stage was limited and I only had to sing/yell out the word “Tequila” (a good song for those who would almost rather die than get up and sing – sober or otherwise). So for those potential clients out there reading this do not worry, you don’t have to sing – just bring a camera as I do. Or you can simply enjoy watching the show.

Anyway, at first, my thought on the subject pretty much reflected the statement of the clients. They told me that they did not want to go. Thankfully, politeness won out and we came. Believe it or not, it seemed pretty clear to me that everyone was having fun. There were people there who are talented, like our very own counsellor Luis and Catherine’s sister, Barbara – so they had no problem singing. Actually, Luis is a professional classical singer so of course he has a musical advantage over most of us.

If I had to pick a ‘highlight of evening’, it would be seeing a client, who suffers from social anxiety, get up and sing (many songs, I might add). When he first came to Heritage, he spent a considerable amount of time by himself. This reclusive attitude changed throughout the course of the therapeutic process. And I am proud to say, he left Heritage a happier and confident man.

Heritage Treatment Foundation offers therapeutic recreational activities because it teaches people to have fun sober, to lessen personal inhibitions in healthy and constructive ways, and most importantly, when people have fun together it significantly enhances the therapeutic environment. After all, this is why people come to Heritage Treatment Foundation – to learn how to enjoy a healthy life of sobriety.