Is there a Virtual Cure?

Many people who are dependent on drugs often dream about what their lives might look like once they heal from addiction. You might be looking forward to the day you can say no to things that triggered your drug use in the past, or hoping for a time when you…...

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Children and Rehab

As you begin to think about what your journey of recovery might look like, its natural to think about how your decision will affect you and the people around you. Your decision to heal may deepen the trust that your loved ones feel towards you and bring you closer together.…...

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Are you interested in a life free from addictions?

What does it mean to be sober curious?  Have you ever wondered why alcohol is so prevalent at social events? Do you ever think about what your life would be like without alcohol? Have you noticed that you use alcohol as a crutch when socialising? You may already be sober curious if you answered yes to…...

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